A friend of mine went to the city market on a sunny day to purchase some stuff. She bought so many items, and it became necessary for her to seek help from anyone who cares enough to help her get the stuff into her car. A teenage boy approached her,
“Mummy, can I help you with your load ma?”
My friend gladly obliged. What a sweet relief! She engaged the young boy in a dialogue.
“You should be in school at this hour of the day young boy, why are you hanging around at the market square?”

The little boy narrated his ordeal to my friend. Quite pathetic indeed! The mother had left the father and moved into another town. The father got another woman into the house who began to maltreat this boy. He was being treated like a slave and the father could not even help the situation. In fact he never believed the boy’s stories, rather he believed his new wife’s stories about how rude the boy was to her.

The boy said to himself, “my mother is no longer with my father, so what am I doing here? If I continue to stay in this house, I will die of hunger, and again the beating from my father’s new wife is becoming unbearable. I must run away from this suffering.” The boy ran to the streets and sad enough, he found himself a home under the overhead bridge where other street boys reside. What next?

Street children are vulnerable, and before long the boy was introduced to hard drugs and other vices. When the young boy narrated his ordeal he appealed to my friend to take him off the streets that his life ambition actually was to go to school and become an educated fellow. My friend agreed to offer help and they both agreed to meet with the uncle of the boy. After some meaningful discussion with the uncle, the boy was handed over to this “good Samaritan.” On getting home, the family accepted this boy as a member of their family, arranged with a school proprietress and the boy was admitted to the appropriate class. Did I hear you say, Oh, what a lucky boy? I’m sorry to inform you that he blew it! Not too long after his admission to the school, he ran away from the family, and it was found out later that he went back to re-unite with his fellow street boys. Very painful, isn’t it? Yes, our young boy could no longer relate with true love, since his mother walked out of his life and left him at the mercies of a father who cared less about his welfare.

Folks, divorce is a never-ending crisis. As much as possible, always seek lasting solutions to marital crisis, and never encourage divorce. Too many lives are at risk. God bless your reading and reflections.

  13  Jan  2018 ,   J articles

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